How It Works

Use our search tool to find and compare our prices for business and first class flights

Call us at 1.877.741.0420. Our agents have access to discounts and promotions not always visible on travel sites.
Our agents will lock in your discounted rate and handle all transactions securely. It’s that simple!
Our agents are always available to to help resolve any problems that might occur with airlines. Let us take care of it!

How It Works

How do YOU get the lowest prices on International Business Class and First Class flights?

  • STEP ONE :  Search for a Flight to get a Quote and Call Us: 1 877-741-0420
  • STEP TWO :   We find you the Lowest Price.
  • STEP THREE :  Our Agent will find YOU the best prices and options for YOUR travel needs.

How do WE have the lowest prices on International Business and First flights?

  • RELATIONSHIPS :  We have relationships with all of the major international airlines.
  • EXPERIENCE : We’ve been doing this for over 18 years and know all of the industry tricks.
  • INVENTORY : We have exclusive access to inventory not available through other channels.

There are a number of ways our agents utilize the search that are not available to the public. Here is a list of a some of them:

Consolidator flights                                                                 Special Upgrades
Mileage deals                                                                           Special contract deals
Short leg – long leg                                                                  Last minute deals
Multiple airline travel                                                                Companion flights

And many more


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