Our customers say..

I’ve always been a fan of flying business class, but finding cheap flights was another story. I usually ended up paying way too much to go way too far for a meeting that was way too short, until I finally found this company. FlyMeBusiness has found me killer deals on flights every time I’ve come to them which has been such a blessing!

As a businessman for over 20 years, I’ve spent a lot of time in the air and it’s not usually this easy. FlyMeBusiness found me a better deal than all competitors I’ve tried, and the agents were accommodating and professional. You will absolutely have my business again in the future.

When I needed to book a last minute flight to Cairo you guys had me covered. I thought I would have to pay a fortune for waiting so long to book — bad habit for me. But your exceptional agents found me a great deal as promised!


This was my first time booking business class with an agency and you guys made it a breeze. Could not have asked for a better experience — will be back!

I want to thank FlyMeBusiness for a great trip. Business travel is not usually this easy, but Rachel found me a great deal and booked a limo to pick me up at the airport for free.

FlyMeBusiness found an absolute steal of a flight for me to Tokyo! The limo service was a perfect finish to a great travel experience.

FlyMeBusiness is a company of classy agents who really listened to what I needed on my trip and made me want to book with them again.

The agents at FlyMeBusiness.com were quick to respond to my inquiries and took my itinerary into account — three cities in one trip, all good deals!

Besides the fantastic deals, the best thing about your company is the personal attention from agents that are genuinely helpful.

“You guys are lifesavers! I had a family function to attend over a holiday weekend. I don’t know how you guys found me a flight but I was home for Christmas!”

I already given a 5-star rating, but I also wanted to provide my two cents in case anyone is unsure about using FlyMeBusiness.com. Not only is the service itself , but the support we get in the forum is amazing – the salespeople are very, very quick to respond to issues. It’s a great company and I would strongly recommend it.

“We have been very happy with the quality of service we have received from FlyMeBusiness. The people we deal with on a daily basis are particularly responsive to our needs and strive to give a flexible service at all times. We have always found them to be a very friendly, reliable and helpful team”

“I have been booking travel for many years in my working life and have had much experience working with travel agents. For the most part, they promise you the moon but do not deliver the moon. So when I first began working with FlyMeBusiness I was surprised by, and pleased with, their level of service, comfort level and efficiency they provided.

FlyMeBusiness has provided a level of service excellence that I have never experienced before…I consider you a partner in my business success. This is perhaps the greatest compliment that I can pay.