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United Business Class

Business class flights with United Airlines provides airline travelers with space, quiet and excellent service. Flight attendants serve multi-course meals. Individual television screens let passengers choose from a selection of films, including classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and films just released from theaters. This can make flying feel less like everyday air travel and more like a vacation from the rest of the world.

United is also dedicated to making sure business class passengers can rest on long-haul international business class flights. Business class seats are more than spacious: They actually recline to a fully flat position so travelers can sleep comfortably, as if lying in a bed. Flying business class doesn’t get much cozier than that, and passengers can find solace in the quiet cabin away from the busier economy class. Depending on the airplane, business class passengers will likely be in a cabin with just a dozen other seats, making the flying experience private and quiet.

Lufthansa Business Class

Lufthansa makes sure that long-haul business class flights are comfortable. Large seats recline to just 9 degrees from a horizontal position, making them very similar to beds. Fully-flat seats will be available in 2016. Also when flying business class with Lufthansa, passengers can order from an extensive menu featuring dishes from chefs across the world. Lufthansa has a special wine program called Vinothek Discoveries if travelers feel like in-flight wine tasting. And on red-eye business class flights, passengers have an option to take their breakfast to go instead of eating it on the plane, in case they want extra time to sleep.

Alternatively, business class passengers can set up their seat and station like an office, thanks to a spacious work table, a power socket for a laptop and a reading light to make in-flight business work a breeze. On long-haul flights, television shows and films are available on an individual screen, which is adjustable on the back of the seat in front of you.

Thai Airways Business Class

When flying business class with Thai Airways, business class passengers can choose between a classic cradle seat or a new flat-style seat that recline to 170 degrees, ideal for sleeping. Either way, Thai Airways has laptop power sockets and telephones for all business class passengers, along with on-demand entertainment, including 30 movie choices and more than 100 CDs. Wi-fi is available on A380 superjumbos as on late 2012.

Whether in the air or at the airport before a business class flight, Thai Airways aims to ensure passengers’ comfort and ease. As Royal Silk Class passengers, business travelers have late boarding privileges, an extra baggage allowance and even fast-track immigration channels. Star Alliance airport lounges give plenty of space and work areas — some with wi-fi connections — to relax or get back to business.

Delta Business Class

Delta business class flights aim to please business elite flyers with friendly flight staff, varied menus and tray tables with adjustable heights. Some flights have cradle-style seats, while others have full-reclining seats or seats that recline to 160 degrees — ideal for catching some shut-eye while traveling business class.

Business class passengers are also among the first to order their meals. Business class seats come with access to an electrical outlet and personal lamp should travelers need to get some work done. And in case anyone has forgotten a toothbrush or simply needs to freshen up before the plane lands, Delta provides business class passengers with an amenity kit that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, pen, mint, sleep mask, tissues and more.

KLM Business Class

KLM World Business Class cabins offer privacy and entertainment. Besides seats with a deep recline, business class passengers will also find a massage function in the seat, a reading light that dims and a privacy canopy. Every business class traveler has a personal telephone and video screen, with access to more than 60 films. All passengers on business class flights also receive amenity kits, with treats like socks, lip balm and ear plugs inside.

Business class passengers receive fresh meals with three courses — red-eye flights are the only exception — and plenty of extra goodies like chocolates, cheese, ice cream and fruit available anytime upon request. A special part of any business class flight with KLM is the collectible model of a traditional Dutch house that every visitor receives; this house actually houses Dutch gin for your tasting.

Air France Business Class

With seats that recline to 171 degrees and an interactive video screen, Air France business class makes air travel a luxury. Business class seats also come with reading lights, individual telephones and power outlets — a miniature work desk when you need it.

Air France menus change every 10 days, so travelers rarely have to dine on the same food twice, especially as the menu has options. Meals have four courses, including dessert. And on long-haul business class flights lasting more than 10 1/2 hours, business class travelers can stretch their legs by visiting the reserved bar area for refreshments. Air France also has an in-house wine expert who makes the airline’s wine cellar a special treat for business class passengers in need of vintage wine tasting during their air travel.

Alitalia Business Class

Alitalia business class flights offer culinary treats and plenty of space to relax. Flight attendants set passenger tables by hand before serving meals. Italian chefs design the menus and make wine selections, with a menu that changes each month to reflect a unique area of Italy, such as Tuscany or Sicily. The menus also have spots to take tasting notes if desired. And as is fitting for an Italian flight, passengers can sip Italian espresso during their business class airline journey.

International magazines and newspapers are available during Alitalia flights. Personal phones let travelers call to the ground for a fee or call another seat for free, while individual video screens give business passengers a wide selection of on-demand TV, news shows and films. And at the airport, business class travelers have access to VIP lounges.

American Airlines Business Class

International business class air travel with American Airlines offers a feast of amenities, including laptop power ports and noise-cancelling headphones exclusive to American Airlines. The angled lie-flat seats are designed for comfort, with special leg support, ergonomic seat controls and advanced lumbar support. Business class passengers can also use the privacy dividers or move their seats forward for privacy.

American Airlines features a menu that includes an extensive wine list, with wines from across the globe. Business class flyers receive amenity kits with brand-name skin products and more to complete the first-rate experience for flying business class with American Airlines.

Emirates Business Class

Owned by the royal family of Dubai, Emirates is famous for its long-haul international flights between American cities and Dubai. On many business class flights, a button adjusts passenger seats into lie-flat beds. Privacy dividers are helpful for sleeping. Seats also come with extra-long tables, creating a personal workspace for business travelers who need it. Personal power outlets keep laptops functioning for the long flights.

Emirates also aims to keep business class travelers comfortable on their flights when they’re not napping or working. That’s why each seat comes with a personal entertainment system and a built-in minibar. Business professionals can also socialize during their business class air travel by visiting the onboard lounge, ideal for stretching and grabbing a snack or drink. Multi-course meals served on fine bone china, with complimentary champagne or vintage wine, round out the elegant experience of flying international business class with Emirates.

EVA Airlines Business Class

The Taiwanese EVA Airlines has cozy seats that recline to a fully flat position. The hard shell design aims to maintain a feeling of privacy, and seats are grouped in twos and no more. The adjustable headrests, lumbar supports and feather quilt keep everything cozy and comfortable on long-haul international business class flights.

Power outlets are available to all business class passengers. In addition to personal LED reading lights, EVA Airlines also has foot lights that make it easy for business passengers to find things under their seats during flights. An in-flight beverage bar has special lightning that can look like a sunrise or a night full of stars. And of course, business class airline travel with EVA Airlines isn’t finished until you’ve enjoyed one of the airline’s multi-course meals or ever-ready fresh coffee.

Air New Zealand Business Class

As New Zealand’s national airline, Air New Zealand makes an effort to treat every passenger to first-class service. A unique cabin configuration in business class gives every seat direct access to the aisle, as seats are slightly turned with a privacy divider to give passengers real privacy. Seats on business class flights also have personal power outlets and bottle holders for absolute comfort. And for travelers who want to sleep, the 22-inch leather armchairs recline into flat beds, shielded from others’ eyes by the large privacy divider; cushy cotton pillows and duvets are also available.

Traveling business class with Air New Zealand also includes on-demand entertainment on private screens, noise-cancellation headsets and self-service refreshment areas for passengers who need to stretch their legs — a must for long-haul international business class flights. Air New Zealand also has consultant chefs who make the menu and New Zealand wine list unique. Amenity kits in-flight and premium check-in and lounges in the airport complete the classy Air New Zealand business class travel experience.

All Nipon (ANA) Business Class

All Nipon Airways is Japan’s largest airline, and its business class offers privacy and comfort that make its business class flights a rare treat for travelers. A large work table with power outlet and personal lightning makes in-flight work a breeze. And travelers who want to get a head-start on work can do so in All Nipon’s business lounge at the airport, which has free wi-fi.

On the plane, business class has menus featuring both western and Japanese meal choices, with three courses of food. A private video screen graces each seat, and seats recline to a comfortable nearly-flat position for business class passengers who need to sleep. Flight attendants are always ready to answer questions and provide refreshments throughout the business class flight.

British Airways Business Class

British Airways business class offers exceptional comfort with spacious seats that convert to 6 1/2-foot beds, made private with large, high dividers. Every seat has the feeling of a cozy cocoon, where passengers can work at the personal table or enjoy entertainment on the private video touch screen. A separate screen charts the flight’s progress on a map. Audiobooks are available in addition to the usual films, TV and CDs that keep most business class flights entertaining.

In addition to the multi-course meals, the business class cabin also has a Club Kitchen with sandwiches, pasta and salads — as well as an area with water bottles and snack foods — for travelers who want a bite. Dinner is served on linen, with warm towels for cleansing and preparing to eat.

Cathay Pacific Airways Business Class

Cathay Pacific Airways treats business class travelers to seats specially arranged for privacy. The seats have large, curved privacy dividers with private entertainment screens for watching films. When sleep overwhelms the senses — as it likely will in Cathay Pacific Airways’ peaceful business class cabins — seats recline for comfortable napping. Business class seats also have a built-in massage feature.

Every business class seat also has a private ottoman, which a guest can use if passengers want to socialize during their flights. This also makes it possible to conduct mini business meetings in the air, if necessary. And during Cathay Pacific Airways business class air travel, travelers never lack for space.

China Eastern Airlines Business Class

Since 1988, China Eastern Airlines has offered comfortable flights. In 2007, it introduced its first long-haul flights to New York; other destinations include cities across Australia and Asia.

Attentive flight attendants and well-kept aircrafts make business class flights comfortable with China Eastern Airlines. After soft drinks, business class passengers can enjoy a hot towel before moving on to more drinks and a meal ordered from a menu. Seats are cozy, with leg room to stretch on long-haul business flights. Affordable plane tickets make China Eastern Airlines especially attractive for travelers on a budget.

Qantas Airways Business Class

Nicknamed “Flying Kangaroo,” Qantas Airways is famous as a four-star airline. In 2011, Skytrax named Qantas the 8th best airline in the world — and the airline’s business class service just makes it feel that much better. At the airport, travelers can relax in the business class lounge, with panoramic views and first-rate dining options.

The business class cabin has three zones, with pod-style seats that allow passengers to enjoy some privacy and recline to a flat position in the 747s, for catching a nap or even sleeping a red-eye flight away. Being at the front of the plane means less plane noise and foot traffic, too — ideal for sleepers or businessmen who need to get some work done on business class flights. The latest technology means plenty of in-flight entertainment, while multi-course meals and an award-winning wine list make business class air travel with Qantas feel like a second home in the sky.

Singapore Airlines Business Class

Singapore Airlines is famous for having the world’s longest commercial flight — 18 1/2 hours between Newark and Singapore — but keeping entertainment fresh the whole time. The airline also hosts exclusive business class flights, with no economy or first class onboard. On these flights, every passenger has direct access to the aisle.

Business class seats fold down to make a flat bed, with a pillow and duvet for business class passengers who need to catch some shut-eye before the flight lands. Travelers can also enjoy personal video screens, universal power ports and mp3 player docks. Dinner includes three courses, and passengers can order food and drinks throughout the business class flight, including goodies like Dunkin’ Donuts.

US Airways Business Class

US Airways calls its international business class Envoy. The airline aims to make business class air travel whiz by, no matter how long the business class flights take. Entertainment includes on-demand movies, television and audio. The menu is a mix of American favorites, with vegetarian options always available.

Seats recline deeply, and the Airbus A330-300 has six Envoy Sleeper Seats that recline into a flat bed. An adjustable work station with power ports makes it easy for business class travelers to review work or prepare for that next presentation. And as always, attentive flight attendants make sure passengers are comfortable for the entire business class air travel experience.